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Howdy Glad you are here! Happy Blending!

Thanks ! I hope to be more active on the forum when I have finished moving from my current location, and I can start working on some complex projects I have.

Ah another former LW-er has joined the dark side. Welcome. I always enjoyed your posts on the other forum and I’m sure you’ll make a splash here as well.

Thanks ! Honestly, I’ve always used a lot of various applications, and I would have continued to use LW alongside Blender and Houdini if I hadn’t decided to switch to Linux. I ditched several other apps in the process, BTW : substance suite, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Affinity photo and publisher. It was a hard decision, but I really wanted to go the Linux route, so…
This said, Blender has indeed become more and more important in my workflow these last two years.

Welcome to the forums Paul!

Looking forward to see what you do with Blender going forward. :+1:


In case you are interested in bringing some tips and tricks to us. Or getting some. :slight_smile:

Thanks Cire.

Hey, Richard. Happy to see you here. Thanks for the link to your discussion. You were making a film on a very cool and surreal environment. How is it going ?

Hey Paul,

Yeah I made a lot of progress on that. And I now have a studio of people helping me. Currently we have temporarily sidelined the project and are working on a short film.

If you want to meet the crew:

I look forward to seeing more of your work as you progress with Blender.

Thanks a lot. It’s cool that your film project is still ongoing, even if elayed, I really enjoyed the visuals I had seen on Facebook, before closing my account. I recently showed a book about M.C. Esher to my elder daughter, and it reminded me of the “magic dust” project.
I went to your site, really cool stuff.
I also went through the LW to Blender thread, but I am not sure I will be much active on it. The reason is quite simple, I think that trying to reproduce in Blender the LW workflows wouldn’t be a good approach for me. When I start to learn a new app, I tend to try to learn it from scratch without trying to mimic known processes. New app, new workflow.
That’s what I did for Houdini, and I dived into it relatively easily. I love procedural modeling, to the point I even use Sorcar add-on in Blender for nodal modeling.
I have a lot of projects in mind, sadly not much time, and I want to learn Blender deeper before starting something too complicated. Amongst them, a short movie about the White Lady of Trecesson. I started it months ago, but I need to restart it from scratch.

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I am exactly the same way.

I have been trying to be more accommodating to people that don’t think like me. But I am more like you. I just go to Rome and learn how to live there. This has served me well learning new tools.

Other people don’t seem to have the same mindset.

However some good things have come out of this. Plugins and/or workflows I had never thought of or knew about. So regardless of your approach you might find some useful tips.

Oh I did find useful tips allready. I have especially spotted Mira Tools that might come in handy.

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Cool. Yeah I like how that looks. I have not had a chance to use them yet though.

Me neither.
As I have made more and more illustrations based on landscapes lately, I consider buying several pug-ins. First one would be Graswald which seems very handy for landscape. The other one would maybe be skysim. The latest seems interesting to get moody effects, and suited for stills (not that much for animations, but it is to be confirmed).

I have also a bunch of other ones in the scope, especially mesh machine, maybe Khaos and the advanced ocean modifier, and just for fun the nebula generator.
I have not made my mind yet about the boxcutter/hard ops combo. It looks awesome but is not on my top priority.
Anyhow, I’m a happy camper for now.

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Welcome! I argee, trying to use known workflows from other apps will only make the process slow and cumbersome.

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Cool. Have you seen this?

We use Blender and Substance as well as Substance Painter. I was thinking about checking it out.

Thanks. And I think what I am wanting to do is find a way to raise money for this. It was a hard decision to shut it down. But I had to be honest about the amount of work it is going to take. And we don’t really have the resources for that.

If you only need some of the basic function of HardOps/Boxcutter try this free addon:

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Yep, I have seen it. But I have stopped to use Substance when I switched to Linux. I still have a perpetual licence for painter and designer. I may test it someday.

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Interesting, thanks.