CAPTCHA check - Edit posts erases everything

There is another thread about this lower down a bit, but I’ve also been having a problem about editing a post. Basically, I try to edit the post, and all the characters and everything is gone, the post iis empty. This made it so frustrating when trying to correct a small mistake in typing, or saying: EDIT: I solved half of it. Also, everytime I try to edit the post this CAPTCHA verification comes up, way too often, maye that is there reason th epost is empty?

Anyway, hope you fix this soon, and good luck!

browser and os? maybe? no? ok… :spin:

here on my end with firefox 55.0 64bit on windows 7 64bit run a barebones uBlock Origin(easylist only), i have no problems at all. my chrome(59?) on my android(7.1.1) works too.

i recently posted and edited with CODE blocks and that worked good too. i heard that didnt work for someone.

I don’t think it’s browser related or any plugins causing it. Go look at the thread I started. It does it with Firefox(Ublock Origin) and Edge(no plugins) on my windows 10 64 bit computer. Also on my iPad using Safari. Weird that more people not having issues, but looks like it’s not just me, lol. Maybe with the recent database issues, it only affects certain users?