Does anyone know how to use CaptiveNTFS? I need to copy a couple files to NTFS using linux. I have the Knoppix 3.7 LiveCD with Captive and Windows XP.

Seeing that you’re using knoppix I would very much assume that you are rescuing your windows NT/XP system. If this is indee the case I’m also assuming you’ve exhuasted each and every other option availible to rescue your system. If all your doing is backup up files don’t use captive, it’s write capable which means it has the possiblitly to screw up your disk. The standard kernel drivers do have this capability and thus are perfect for backup (not quite perfect I guess), there’d be no harm in using the kernel driver, I do all the time.

If it’s not your last option then I wouldn’t touch a 3rd party NTFS write-capable driver with ten foot pole. Even if they promised their wife and firstborn for me to try it out or if they promise 100% non-failure rate I wouldn’t do it.

If it is indeed your last option, take a look here:

Also, please search google next time :wink:

Hope that helps.

Yes, This is a last ditch effort to rescue an NT 4.0 system. Microsoft wants an ERD, but that is pretty much useless to me.

Having probs with WINSRV.DLL during bootup. It is too much of a hassle+don’t have room to do a parallel install of NT4.

I figured I could just overwrite the offending file with a copy from a backup.

I have tried Google, but wow! . . . . adding a space between the two makes a difference. I already came across a step by step, but here is the prob.

Everytime I try to write to the volume it keeps saying ‘Permission denied’ (I’m working as root) or ‘Connection refused’ (working as root). No matter what I try to do, it won’t write . . . period! :frowning:

So I was wondering if anyone here had any success in getting Captive to work. If so, please share the knowledge :smiley:

is it not an option to put this drive in another machine as slave?

Try – BartPE. It’s a bootable CD/DVD based on the Windows Preinstallation Environment, and it works pretty darn well. I’ve recovered from a hosed registry several times with it, and since it’s built on top of the actual Microsoft NTFS driver, I’d trust it.