Capture non google 3d model problem. Renderdoc

Hi everyone. Ive tried to capture Macau 3d map in browser (not googlemap) with renderdoc and its not working… :frowning: I can capture 3d map but cant import to blender. Any ideas how to do it? I can capture and export Google 3d maps easily. Here is link to 3d map of Macau Im trying to capture So the deal is that Renderdoc captures model, but script in blender doesnt import it. Any idea how to fix it? Maybe some adjustment of script will be necesary? …unfortunately I cant script.

Not sure I get the render doc UI… but the map you listed just tiles .PNG images together…there is no 3d in it. You could just as well use the developer tools and under the image tab, select each image and right-click and open in new tab.

It may-be that is why it won’t open in blender…no 3d to access.

If you could share the model…??

if you open this site on PC there is an option to turn on 3d map and irs not photogramery but modeled 3d city :open_mouth:

OK…I see it now …wasn’t on the link you gave…it was HERE

That is very nice … it just maybe that there is just too much information…I don’t have the time to figure out Renderdoc…conflicting views on if it will capture webgl or not…but says it is not supported…it has been running for 30 min and still hasn’t rendered the whole thing…perhaps web connection…or as I am on DSL…