Capture the Flag Online Beta

Hi Everyone,

My team and I are currently working on a capture the flag game that will be online and open to the public for beta testing. So far we have a login system complete with chat system, and also some third person shooter game play. You’ll notice that the game looks terrifying close to conkers bad fur day. Although the game engine is built using unity, all the models,graphics and logos were done and rendered by blender(Even icons) using composite nodes.

It would be really nice if we could have as many people as possible accessing and chatting on the server for beta testing. Later on in the future we will be asking forbeta testers for the actual game play of capture the flag.

This is all strictly a fan based project and will be non profit.

You can create an account for free directly in the game login menu.

Again I will be logged into the game for some feedback and communication.

Dropbox Link The Flag.html

Here are a few screenshots of the project to get you intrigued.