Capture the Head! or: From empties to a smile. Facetracking.

cool cool stuff! So Christoph how are you tracking your facial expressions without markers?

Ohhhh ther are Markers :smiley:
I think they are a Victim of the resolution :wink:

ah indeed- watched it again on full screen and could see them. I was hoping you had perfected some kind of markerless system! I’ve been looking at OpenCV a little hoping to do that

Thanks for this serum.

However, I would like to be able to track the face in 3D space as it moves. Even if the movement is limited, i.e. that you don’t lose track of your main markers.

I think for that one would need to be able to track the face in 3D, not only in 2D, but I am not sure whether one can do that with a static camera.


Oh it can be done, in fact I’m pretty sure 2.62 has some code for that. One caveat: not sure how the bundle control system will work with separating moving parts of the face from non-moving parts of the face, which you need to do to simultaneously extract head position and face expression. Right now I’m trying to learn enough Python just to get relative positioning in 2D, as this is the first step towards a general purpose plugin that lets you map distances between facial features directly to shape keys. Do that, and face tracking for animation would be close to plug and play.

@AnyMation I suggest you have a look at how the Kinect is being used as a “depth camera” for this kind of thing. It’s so cheap now that it’s likely cheaper than the amount of hours you might put into writing code to solve for depth perfectly from a 2D camera

hey dracio,

very nice. the rims of the eye lids look a bit static and there is this nervous jitter all over the face :slight_smile:
I like it!

@ Serum
the Eyes are static caus of 2 thinigs first… Making markers on the eye is a Pain! and it was sutch a minimal movment thas I was anable tu use is…

I thin a manuel blink an I controll is not als bad

PS.: I bouth a better Camera a Logitech C310 Webcame… brilliant Picktues but I am bind toe the PC :frowning:

Mutch bedder image and Now in the Helm

firdt reat Test

Hahaha! That wa FUN!! :yes:

well done!

… the funy thing is thad I realy dont know bye me self what da hell I wirten there…