Capture Video in realtime game

Hi, i wanna know if it’s possible (maybe with makeScreenshot() command) to get a video file output, like a .avi file, in the game engine.
So i wouldlike to record what i can see in my StandAlone window.
Maybe with a dll lib because it need to be compress.

I just wonder if it’s possible to make that !


Yes thats definately possible. There are a few programs that will capture what is shown on the screen. makeScreenshot() gives you tgas as I remember. You can always use some other program to combine these tgas into an avi.

use this its called fraps <-- Link

well so i think you don’t understand, i wanna fileout in avi format, not use another software to compress …
This is for stand alone game with Video capture mode. I don’t wanna post process my game. i know how doing that …
Well, i wanna make a movie with python script with (maybe) a module for video compression

i dont think you can… but i might be wrong


it’s possible to make Python module that will output avi directly from your running game, but question is, if you will be satisfied. Game needs full power from processor and video encoding is also performance hungry. This can result in choppy gameplay and video as well. If I need to make good game video, I postprocess as much as I can. Ideally I save only game data that are necessary to recreate game action and render game video from them.

there is also the rasterizer module that allow you to export frames as tga or wathever, that you can recompress after in avi …

check this thread for more info :

Thx Olm-Z, i know that, see my post from 2 years …

ok … I’ve not seen any other way to export the viewport, exept maybe also that you can record the output fullscreen on a DV cam and reimport it as DV movie (method I used often as the result is clean video and no artificial stress on the rendering machine … )

the program is for customers who have only one computer. so i wouldlike to get a simple result, for the moment i can export a file with all objects coordinate, so i can make like Ipo key registration.
But for the client it will be more nice and explicit to see a video for result.
So that why i ask this question.
I don’t ask after another external solution :wink:

but thank you too :smiley:


your python module solution sounds like what [a]drien is looking for. could you post code for it so that he could try it and decide for himself if it’s acceptable?


there is only one problem, I don’t have this Python module - it was just a suggestion. I think I’m able to make in a few weeks, but currently I’m too busy to start this project. But I think anybody with knowledge of Python and C++ programming, DirectShow tutorials can do it. A look at my Video Texture Plug-in sources can help a little bit, too.

That´s what I do. And I set up the video card to display 1024x768 with anti-alias on whenever possible. It scales down quite nicely to DV NTSC resolution (720x480). 800x600 also works pretty well.

i think you can try some professional screen capture software such as ACA capture PROor super capture…both of them can solve your screen capture issues well…

I found this for linux : … maybe it can help someone, it seems to work well.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I was thinking of saving screenshots and then using blender’s video sequence editor to make an avi.