Capturing screens for free

I would like to capture a high-quality screen of my computer. I tried using a video camera, but because of interference (I think, maybe I’m wrong…) I get “scan lines” that run up and down my screen.

I was wondering if there was a (free) program out there that could record the screen. No, I’m not using it for tracking invisibly, so the 5 second interval for capturing screens most programs provide wouldn’t help. Actually, I was looking at something that could record at 25 frames per second (all the way down to 10…)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try bulents screen recorder. ( free )

link? to lazy to google

Googling is not hard. Try this:
“i want to capture a high quality screen for free”

Or if you’re still too lazy:
OMG ValarKing is SO COOL for helping my lazy self out!

Thanks, Modron, bulent works great!

Microsoft Media Encoder has that feature too, and it’s free! I think it has better codec.

CamStudio. Go to the game engine thread and look in the resources thread at the top. I believe there’s a link to it in there.