capuchin monkey

another character to go along with my gorilla, a brown capuchin monkey. here’s what i have so far:


This is really cool, do you have any plans yet for these two primates? Is the tris in the head going to be a problem when/if you do deformations? I have heard that they are bad, but seeing it in one of your models I start to wonder if that is true.

Thanks for sharing, you just re-motivated me to get working on my first organic model. :slight_smile:

Edit: yay! 100th post by me! I feel like I passed some kind of milestone with that…

these two guys will be characters in my “zoo” project idea that i’ve been kicking around for the past 3-4 years.

i’ve never really had any issues with triangles; and most of my models tend to have them. once it’s got subsurf on it, the triangles don’t really matter anymore, as far as i can tell. i think it’s just a myth, to frighten children :stuck_out_tongue:

glad to be an inspiration :smiley:

That is really great. I was workin on a Capuchin awhile back…this is all the further I got on it. How did you make that fur? I was having trouble with it just on the head and face. I have gottan a lot better with modelling but, my materials/texuring is still lacking. Any suggestions


you should use “strand rendering”, it allows you to put a LOT more particle children on there (i have about 1,000 or so). i went ahead and made a little tutorial to show you just how i do it. check it out HERE.

Nice tutorial!
The moment I get started with fur I’ll return to it.

/ Mats