Car action thing....(fixed based on feedback)

I’ve been using blender about 2 years, but most of my work is for clients and I can’t show it here… Here’s one I own the copyright on!

It’s been in the WIP section for a little bit, and whilst there’s still lots that could be done I’m moving on to new self promotional pieces.

Here it is then and I’ll give more details further on:


You can click for a bigger copy!

Hope you enjoy it, here’s some details for those interested!

I used to be the art director on the Burnout series of games (especially 1, 2 and 3) but I left and went to work at Sony instead… now I’ve set up on my own as a freelancer…

At the time I had worked toooo long and too hard on Burnout I couldn’t imagine doing a car game again… but at the request of an ex colleague and friend I’ve done a “burnout style” magazine cover render for self promotional purposes and to pitch for cover art gigs…

The mustang is my model, the bmwX3 was a stock model, though it is now heavily customised with lots of blender sculpted damage and completely new material set…

the foregound cars, floor and buildings are modelled and rendered, the background is part of a photo I took a few years ago in Vancouver.

The rain, lightrails and particle FX were mainly done in GIMP.

imo this is just good art, its formatted like a book cover, or I guess a game cover, but I reacted to it initially like a book cover, but this is one of those pieces that transcends CG and is just a great illustration.

You comments about Burnout are kind of subtle, I parsed its as being Burntout from working on Burnout :wink:

I am burnt out on commercial work for corporations so the prose was making me chuckle a bit.

Thank you very much for sharing this great piece :slight_smile:

Thanks for that high praise:D

You comments about Burnout are kind of subtle, I parsed its as being Burntout from working on Burnout :wink:

I am burnt out on commercial work for corporations so the prose was making me chuckle a bit.

…I was avoiding saying that directly, but that project took it’s toll on a LOT of people, the Burnout burnt outs!

Wow! that rocks! great work! 5***

That is awesome! My biggest beef, if that the transition from picture to CG seems pretty clear. That is a picture in the background right? I love how stylized it is though, it looks so freakin cool. I used to play burnout all the time. The art sucked :smiley: just kidding

Thanks blubernuget, Thanks Sammaron,

yes it’s a photo, I took it just outside the EA offices in Vancouver…
this fog came in on the last day of my trip there and everything looked amazing!

I was tempted to ease that transition from cg to photo a bit more, but needed to move on and the source photo looked so odd I thought i’d get away with it! ah well!

Finally I get to see something you made!!! :slight_smile:

Love the work…

My only concern is that the mustang could have been given more… “aggressiveness”… you know… This isn’t even about realism… I was thinking the Mustang could be more like a “character” and it should show some stains, scratches… and the body orientation like some kind of 4-wheeled bull from flipping that wagon into the air.

Maybe if the picture were a little darker… and the Mustang headlights more bright to make it look angrier or more maniacal… But these are “Director Gripes” and it can be argued that following my direction might not fit anymore the idea of “fun” for a game of this kind hehehe.

The artwork itself is amazing… What happened to the girl?

Stunning combination of photo-realism and complete bonkers unrealism.

Great piece of art, and it IS art.

The CG in it self is very nice. It’s not too often that i see water/rain in a car scene :slight_smile: But, as mentioned by Sammaron, the cg to photo transition is the weakest link here… The building to the right fex. Else than that I really liked it…

Cgi Padawan, Hope I didn’t disappoint now that I finally posted!

I know what you mean about the mustang and have bounced back and forth between making it impossibly pristine and dirtying it up a little… Earlier version had stronger headlights… might add those in again.

i think that the cg-photo blend just needs a tiny little blur for DOF and a bit of grading for fog, I did a quick test and it’s better but am tired now… will post it again tommorow!

on the darkness thing, I’m always checking on 4 different monitors and my art looks very different on each… I think it’s giving me a tendency to make my art a little bit too light. Really must look into some more formal calibration one day!

as for the girl, she was a side note… I figured it’d be best to save her for a new thing (starting tomorrow)

The Animal, Glad you “got” it! it always felt like a risk with the impossible lighting and exposure settings… not to mention the crash itself!

The _Ikodn… “the building to the right fex” is that a typo? what do you mean? As mentioned will post a minor fix tomorrow when I’m less tired! Off to sleep now!

Really nice stuff there! I also think stronger, crazier headlights on the mustang would add a lot to it. But it’s great as it is! Is it a BI render? Congrats!

That’s awesome, very well done, and very slick!

solid stuff man! awesome texturing, and the reflective street is something to drool over. would love to see how you did that!

keep it up!

Excellent 5 stars

BbB, thanks and yes it’s blender internal renderer,
Thanks Broken!
StompinTom, Thanks!

Edit,* crossed in the post! thanks Marts! *Edit

The real trick to the floor is changing the “glossiness” to 0.9 in the “ray transparency” panel… this blurs the reflection the further away from the mirror plane you get… the rest is spec and normal map…

in this case I added some “dirt” in post, (but i could’ve done a dark and fairly matt material blended with this one with nodes using a “dirtmap” to change between… it’s pretty much the “mirror” )

the floor has a colour map, specularmap and a normal map. The normal map was generated in gimp from the colour map using the “normal map” plug in.
That plugin tends to only enhance the high frequency details, to get a more course effect(larger scale “lumps”) you want some of the lower frequency stuff… to get those we want to blur the map and recombine it wiith itself… blur a little for mid range, blur a lot for larger and larger details!

To get a “deeper” effect in practice the normal map was duplicated over itself, set to “grain merge” (though overlay gives a similar result) and gausian blurred.

I repeated that —> a layer stack something like this

normal map , gaussianblurred 20x20 px
normal map , gaussianblurred 15x15 px
normal map , gaussianblurred 10x10 px
normal map , gaussianblurred 5x5 px
normal map

you can enhance any of these “scales” by duplicating the layer at a specific blur level… want more larger frequencies? ADD 2 layers blurred at 20x20px… for example.

the specular map is a grayscale copy of the colour map adjusted with “curves” to make it predominantly white with strong blacks in the “crevices” and some small speckles of grey dappling about

The rest of the floor is done by setting specular and placing lights in the scene (especially “in shot” to give the long reflections…)

Oh, and an awful lot of the colour of the floor will come from the sky you set in blender, so you may want to fake the colours there!

hope that helps, here’s the glsl version (no reflections)

Ok, just re-uploaded it with better “grading” on the cg-photograph elements, stronger headlights and a minor “curves” adjustment to “punch it”

Excellent! Really nice mood and great details.

Burnout 3 games is the game i’ve played the most on my xbox - it’s a great game. Makes me wonder - was Blender used in any way in the production of this?

No, no blender…Burnout 1-4 were all produced using Lightwave, versions after that were Maya (though many as EA had lots of internal tools that get shared easier if everyone’s on Maya… I think that the old lightwave tool chain is still used on a couple of things but I don’t work there anymore…

Well I don’t care too much about cars, but the image sure looks great. Nice insights in how you produced it too. Thanks for sharing.

Great picture. I like the atmosphere a lot. I have never played the game, but it could also be a great billboard for a movie ! Congratulations.