Car Animation challenge: (for fun)

I was browsing the the CG Talk forums, and came across a thread of a guy showing off…
Using 3DS Max and MaxScript - no other plugins, he created an amazingly scripted/rigged car. The actual rig itself in the first few seconds is nothing. It’s the underlying scripted system he’s got tied to it. It would be really cool (proof of concept wise) if someone did this with Blender. I, am not up to the challenge, unfortunately.

Thread here:

Plus the model itself is pretty nice.

Wow, that is really awesome, especially the way you can make it realistically follow a path.

Perhaps this sort of thing could be useful in project Durian?

Hi guys,
good news - blender has everything you need to make such an animation already.
I’ve done something in that direction last year and found this link very helpful.

The model in the video is one of the best car models i have ever glimpsed at in my short life!

Thanks for the link, it’s motivating to see things like that!

Thankyou for the link!! Im about to do another car animation, and this will save me so much trouble…

The Ferrari animation was very impressive, it would be good to see the rendered version.

did you see chapter 2?

Philippe’s tut indeed is nice…just need more vertical motion/constraints/drivers, etc to follow the geomoetry beneath. I really liked the two boxes he used towards the end of the video…something like a car driving off a breaking bridge.