Car animation help needed

I’ve been working on an car animation and these weird black lines show up on the car. They dont show up in the viewport shading view but they show up in the rendered view and rendered animation. I dont 't have freestyle on so I don’t know what the problem is.

They Also dont show up on the car in other files.

I’m new to the forum so I can only upload one photo so let me know if you need more.

Is that the actual material, a glass BSDF, for the place with the artifacts?

this is it

I can’t read anything there. (It looks like a few billion glossy shaders?) And I’m interested only in the material on the faces with the artifacts. Just that material. If you’re showing me a windshield material in the last pic, I don’t need to know about that. I need to know the materials with the problems (and, probably, the wireframe of the problems.)