Car animation

I’m new to the game engine so…
I’ve used different manual keying IPOs to get some car results,but seeing that we can record from the game engine now I was wondering if this tut would transfer over to Blender.

Thanks in advance.

RONIN, not replying with help so much as encouragement. Man I would love to see some of your car designs in motion! That would be totally awesome! Have you done anything on this yet, like with your Peugeot entry of last year?

I’ve downloaded the tute you linked above (the PDF) and printed it out to see how it might apply to blender, since I’m interested in something along these lines as well… (tho, all I’ve pulled off so far is a rolling flyaround that’s still a WIP :-? )

Please keep us posted on your progress! (As well as what you learn about baking game IPOs…)


I think you have me mistaken for sombody else.My car modeling is not that good.I’ll still keep you posted on the baking IPOs.
BTW,your car model is amazing. :o

Thanks for the reply.