Car Basement

Hi guys,

im working on a little car basement scene, i dunno how it came to that, i just started blender and as usual i got a idea from playing around. Maybe anyone have a idea how to make rain?


A quick search on this forum comes up with this thread:

Over there you’ll find among others a link to this tutorial:

hmm i post-processed rain with gimp, but i need this in blender… tyvm for the links, i tried this but i dont get it, i think i have to invest a bit more time to try this.

I think before i try rain i gonna enhance the picture, the floor and the garage door (no socket) look crappy.

If you can’t figure it out, don’t be afraid for asking more specific help.

Concentrating on enhancing the rest of the picture first isn’t a bad thing though. My suggestion:

  • Work some more on the wall texture. It’s a bit too bright in the focus of the image (just above the garage door) and it could use some more relief at the side of the image.
  • There isn’t any division visible at the left side of the road, between the road itself and the rest of the ground. (I can’t think of any good English to describe it, so I hope you understand what I mean.)