Car Battery Explosion (WIP)

Perhaps here 50% what I want. Controlling smoke in cycles feels very tricky for me . If I change the start frame the whole smoke thing changes. It makes problems for me to render, stop & continue later. I’m very pissed off with my cheap budget CPU. I want to make more like funny Herbie Bug type animation with this model.

Maybe when you stop you can switch camera angels and nobody will notice.

Of course camera movements and more other taste needs to be added. I just wanteded to practise and control smoke so I did not want to put any more work to CPU, yet. This is really the fire option.

I just wrote that to try to help with your render. If you restart your smoke at a new camera angel you restart your rendering at a new camera angle. Maybe it will look good and you can break up your renderings.

Hmmm. Yes I understood. The smoke is just very tricky. It can just change so much if I move the start frame to where I ended. But perhaps in some case.