Car crash

Hi all, I’m working on this right now, but it’s just not getting any better and I don’t know what to do. So some good C&C would be great. And BTW does any one know were to find a nice clean wooden floor texture? Thanks. The one I use now is way to bumpy and dirty.

Yeahhh! As i see you feel what’s going on well.
Perfect wood toys!

Change projection of texture at [F5] material panel. You projected it as “plane”, try to change projection to CUBE.

The best solution is UV. It’s very easy shape, so try to help yourself with “face loop select tool”.

For short surface try to use “wood” procedural shader [set it to rings]. Combine procedural shaders with bitmaps. Maybe some displacement [0.03~0.05] no more rather.

Run woody run.

Ok. That’s all :wink: