Car creases

Hey guys

so I modeled a car, the la Ferrari
im not really experienced with car modeling, i’ve done around five cars before.
now i modeled the car and it turned out pretty good, after that I retopologized it.
now I have a decent topology but me like an idiot forgot the creases for the Doors the trunk and the hood.
retopologizing takes to much time in comparison to the time i’m spending on it daily.
do you guys have any good advices on how to do those creases without destroying the topology ??
(sry english)


Ah yay another car modeler! :smiley:

So select your edges that will be the door seem.

Press Ctrl B (Bevel)

Then use your loop cut Ctrl R to place 3 new edge loops.

Then select the middle edge loop and hit Alt S (scale on normals)

I hope that helps!

as above, also shortcut

Press Ctrl B (Bevel) then in T panel at bottom change segments to 4, saves the Crtl-R step

Another shortcut…:slight_smile:

Select a loop cut… Ctrl - shift - r …Drag mouse to make a cut on each side of the loop cut.


wow, that works perfectly, i was searching for that technique for so long. thank you