Car engine sound in BGE

how I can, in the game engine, producing the sound of the car engine.
please help me :(.

If you want it to be somewhat realistic you need to make a script that calculates automatic gear shifting. With every shift a value drops to a predefined number and increases at a calculated speed until the next shift. The value is a float between approx 0.5-2.0, that is used to control the pitch of a engine sound. I’ve done it before and this week I will apply this method to a car script I’m working on. I’ll keep you posted if you’d liked that.

What controls the engine sound of a car? Engine speed
What controls the engine speed? The gear it’s in and the road speed.

So I’d get the forward speed (car.linearVelocity.x) multiply is by some factor and divide it by the gear it’s in. then you can feed the value into the pitch of a sound.

I’d use the aud module in python for doing the sound, as I’ve had issues with logic bricks and looping sounds not quite looping properly.

and you help me with the script because I don 't know wery well the

python script ?