Car for racing game Learning project

I realized that there is a lot that I do not know about blender, so I decided that before I can move forward with any projects involving large amounts of work, that I should try to make a functional game that is more than a ball rolling around using logic bricks. SO! I have decided that to get better at everything such as modeling, coding, texturing, etc., etc. That I would make a car/racing game. I just started this so I only have one picture for you guys at the moment. It is a wip of the car I am modeling, a Nissan Skyline GT-R. It is my first car model and my first major model. It is already really High poly, around 340 polys and that is just for the hood and the incomplete side. Well, here it is. Please don’t be too harsh on me.

OKay, so I haven’t made much progress since uploading the image yesterday. But, I did apply a subsurf modifier to it to see what a high poly model would look like. here is the comparison of the model without the subsurf, and with the subsurf.

Do yourself a favour and take the advice from someone who is also making a racing game (but with futurisic hover ships). I began making my game and got distracted by model making and concept design. Although your car is shaping up well, try to focus on the nuts and bolts of the game (i.e. Python or logic) as otherwise you will have pretty models but nothing to make them work. This way, you can make the models fit the game, rather than having the game fit the models.

Rubber makes a good point. It’s best to just get a simplistic car with wheels going on, and then swap out the meshes later (since the cars might take weeks to make). Also, you would probably do well to work on 2.57, since 2.49 basically is outdated, now.

I have a simplistic car made, I just didn’t upload it because it is like fifteen faces plus the tires. Haha. I am working on all of the stuff required to make a car go in blender, vehicle wrapper, blahblah, etc. It is just that you can’t really show what that looks like without making a video and my laptop isn’t that great for multitasking like that. If I can get it on a desktop pc, I will show what I have done. As for switching to 2.57, I hate the interface with a passion, I might switch eventually, but I will need to get used to it before I do that.

I used to hate it to, didn’t get used to it at all, but I made the switch about 3 months ago and it is much better then 2.49b :wink: It’s easier and faster.

I echo Mirata in that 2.57 is very different, but it is a much better program for it.

I started with 2.5.3 alpha and learned it very quickly. My brother used 2.49b, and didn’t want to switch either, but finally did, and he likes it better as well.

Well, I am gonna download it tonight and learn it. But until then I am still gonna use 2.49b. Later today I might upload some more work on this but there is a huge storm coming through tonight and I might not be able to.

Oh…Well be careful…We’ve had some major storms come though here as well lately. I live about 5 hrs East of Joplin, MO. Those same storms came right to us.

Luckily we didn’t get hit like they did.
Around 115 dead.

120 something now. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Those storms formed right to the east of us.