car game, based on the vehicle wrapper tutorial.

Hello I have made a very simple car game based on the vehicle wrapper tutorial, It works, but need some help.

  1. The cars front wheels seem to go to full lock when steering, this is a little inconvieneint, how would I be able to modify the code to have it change the angle of the front wheels in a more progressive linear fashion? I have already played around and changed the lock angle, but its not helping me, at speed the car can roll over if top heavy…

I was thinging maybe having some keyboard inputs set to increment a counter, and then reference the value to proportionaly set the wheel angle? is that possible or is there a better way, (I am using the stock .PY files with the tutorial.)

  1. Id love to add a speedo, and possibly a rev counter, with engine sound that increases pitch as the engine revs go up and decrease as they go down.

  2. Is there a way to make a menu to alter the PY files from within the game so I can tweak the setting on the fly? like assign a button to increment the grip value for the tyre etc, or suspension stiffness, possibly ride height as well.

Please let me know,
Best regards,