car game - damage


ive been working on my car game for about 4 - 5 days now and ive just finished
implementing a preliminary progressive damage system. the faster you go the more damage
and the more you crash the more damage.
does anyone know of a site that i can upload some images to that doesnt require me
to have an accout with it???
ill upload some pics there

if anyone else has done the same sort of thing, i would like to see thiers.


Well without an account you can use, but id suggest signing up, it gives you more control over the pictures. Its free of course etc etc. Ive been using it for a few years now.

And for .blends you can use, which is really good as well. Once again though you need to sign up.

Luckily for .blends (and pics for that matter i think) you can use itself, just look up to top of the message window when ur writing a reply etc. Theres the little paperclip ‘attach’ option. Very handy.

Also have you seen this thread? Might be interesting.

yer, thats were i got the python script from but…

it didnt work and so i made it simpler and easier to apply

has the same effect of coarse, just a bit less scipting

You can also attach some, it’s easier.

You can attach images and blends here in the forum with the Manage Attachments button (within certain size limits). Be sure to check “Compress File” on the file menu when saving to keep the blend file size small. is quick and easy. I don’t know how long they keep unregistered images up.

ok, ive uploaded a few pics of me driving the car around

take a look

That’s neat! I had fun with it!