Car game help

Check this link, download blend file, and help me plz. I have problem with wheel animation.I use Ipo- Flipper but its suck, is anybidy who has better ideo how to reapair it?

I can’t get the link to give me the file. But if the file contains compound objects: last I checked Ipos do not work with compound objects very well. I believe it is a limitation in blender.

wheelFixed.blend (196 KB)

There. I changed the logic bricks around, and added a property so that the property value becomes the ipo frame. I wrote a quick script to control the property, but you can do it with logic bricks also. Oh, and I changed the ipo animation so that it only rotates 80 degrees left and right. The animation is from frame 1 to 41, where 21 is straight. The script just tells the property to go to 1 when you press left, 41 when you press right, and 21 when you let go of the keys.