Car game tutorials required (need some help)

hi i making car game some thing already maded

but i need solve some problems and i need help tutorials tips any help

1 how to made intellect i mean rivals opponents wich will drive to finish turn and you should win it

and it should count when you finish first win screen when you finish second or 4 is lose screen

2 is how to made car drift and tire sound

3 how to made lap counter in game when you play wich show the stats and position 1 or last

other thing not so important but if you know some videos tutorial drop here please

if you like watch my game in progress here

this should be nice game thanks fro all freaks in youtube wich i watched and learned from there you help creat this

drop some videos please

I’m making a game too, we have so much in common.
In mine you are a anthropomorfic-sea-creature, and you drive some bad boy submarines into betting races, you can win in various ways, and you chose what pieces go in the ship. The hull, the motors, the chassis, and the gadgets. Gadgets can be utilities or weapons.


3 lap counter
Create a Bézier curve for the race track. Have an array of empty non colliding objects apply the array you need different objects. Every time the player cross one of those his property gets a number, and every empty object has a number himself. If the number on the player is bigger than the one in the empty he gets a nice wrong way message, is bigger than the array the number of the array. In the final empty object, he gets a message, 1 lap, and this bad boy only triggers if the player has as much stored on his property as many checkpoints.

2 Car drift.
Make a var get the speed you are moving ahead. If above 30, when the player press the brake button he triggers the animation of drifting.
There are sound related stuff of the bge logic bricks.

1 ia
make various cars fire them a track to but differ on their time. Now give them permanent acceleration. Like they don’t know brakes.

This might not be like, wow. But it will do.
You can get better ideas from other sources o YT

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hey bro thanks for you reply through i ask this question one year ago and only now got a reply

thanks for you reply i got that lap counter is hard job to do because of play with baziey curve is hard job becasue i got that need create race track again the curve

but i have some race tracks i keep the curve of it

at the moment i put to game race track what i not created and downloaded but i has some racetrack i create with curve

if you can made video tutorial aslo be nice and about drift

watch how the game looks now i upload new video recently dude help me here create speedometer

also i create nice screen with text when you lose or win text is displayed to screen by some seconds

but i i am think i will cant finish this game to made it to people will want play or use comercial

so sad

bro please made about this video or send me blend examples

watch the game now the car i am modeled i try create vaz 2108 russian car

but i cal it blusm tusm r1 car