Car Game

Im sorry if this is in the wrong forum (also hi everyone this is my first post! :D). I am new to blender and so far i know the basic controlls and interface or it. I am working on a small project on creating a simple car game. But i have a few problems:

  1. the wheels on my car dont rotate
    2.the physics are horrible, i have Bounds set to Box and rigid body enabled along with dynamic.
    3.on the terrain (course/track) that i created i used a gravel texture for the road, and a canyon wall, for the rest of the terrain, is there anyway i can blur the two textures together where they meet?
  2. when i press P the terrain is shiny
  3. how can i create good textures for a car (or color the car and make it look realistic, add some reflection?)
    any experienced blenders i can talk to through aim or ventrillo about tips and some help (pm me)
    ill post screenshots and a video later today (i have to go right now)
    if anyone wouldnt mind posting any tips on modeling cars (low poly, i end up subsurfing the car which adds lots of faces) and texturing them, i would really appreciate it =]

Try posting this in the Game Engine forum :wink:

for the wheels use convex hull polytope or cylinder.
If you use cylinder, make sure the increase/decrease the radius field nearby the mass field: you’ll see a dotted circle around the wheel your editing in 3d view change size when you change the radius, and you’ll want to make the radius the same as your wheel’s radius.
rigid body & dynamic are ok, this is what you want.

for the blurring, I don’t think so. You can cheat on that maybe by going into Texture Painting mode and painting a color that’s common to the two textures on each of the face that make up the boundary.

Another trick would be to make your textures have an alpha(transparency) channel and give them an alpha linear gradient with transparency increasing towards your very boundary (that gradient thing could only be done quickly in a 2D tool, like gimp, photoshop, krita, inkscape, illustrator…).

Or just make a bigger texture that you mix in a 2D app, and remap it into Blender.

There’s an option in the menus at the top : Game > Use Blender materials which when enabled makes the Game Engine emulate your normal Blender materials.
So to have some reflections you could use the usual Blender menus and apply a reflection texture to your object (see F5 on the very right and F6=>choose texture type EnvMap). Unless someone corrects me, because I’m not sure at all of what I’ve just said, you should make some googling or research in this forum to setup reflexions.

to make low poly cars, I don’t know really. Take a tutorial for a high poly one and follow it, generally people apply subsurf to the car at the very end, or on top of everything… so if you keep the basic shape of the car in the tutorials and to apply sub surf to keep low poly, you may have nice results anyway.

umm, my friend, I’ll tell you somethin’:
I’ve been messing around with the blender GE for a while, but whenever I needed something more complex than just a simple movement, or rotation, I had to open up the text editor. So, my friend, don’t waste your time doin’ nothin’
As for the physics, my advice is not to use rigid body :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is one very useful link for you :smiley:
I think that you’ll find everything you need there