Car Glass Reflection Problem

I’ve struggled with this project of mine, a Mitsubichi lancer evolution VIII, for a long time now, but finally it’s beginning to see it’s end. I only have one render problem left with the glass. You can see it in the attachment.

It’s like the glass on the doors is reflecting weirdly on the edges. :no: The quality of the material is pretty much top-quality, with samples at 18 and depth at 10.

The way that the reflection reflect doesn’t even mimic the modelling, which has far more polygons as it’s subsurfed.

Anyone got any ideas?

EDIT: I have updated the attachment with bigger image and a wireframe.


Bigger image pls and wireframe :smiley:

But my first guess would be to blame your lighting setup judgeing the hard shadows and the speculars on the carpaint.

I have updated the first thread with bigger image and a wireframe. =)

The options for ray-tracing should always have at least the depth of 5 or 6. Turn also off the shadows of the material or select the TraShadow on the material tab.

I have depth set to 10 in both and TraShadow is already on…

Wasn’t there some issue with reflections not using AA? I recall seeing other posts on this, but cannot remember if the issue was resolved in a newer build.

I’m rendering with OSA 5 and have the latest Blender build (and I’m running Ubuntu 8.04). So I don’t think that’s the problem…

Hmm. have you tried to give your glass thickness?
I´ve ran into problems when making glass just a transparent plane instead of a thin transparent cuboid so that you render air<>glass - glass - glass<>air.
The only idea i got so far. It looks like you did it that way for the side window in the front but i cant tell for sure.

Another idea is, if you did the glass the “cuboid” method (i have no idea how to call it in english) it may be due to subsurf… bleh. i´ll do a sketch its too much to describe :smiley:
maybe the red marked area cause the problem

Well, the glass is not just a plane it’s a cuboid I’m using.

Ok, I’ve tried to play alittle with the glass material. And it’s seriously fucked up. Try to look at the attachment. I set the material to Phong and Tangent V and no subsurf. I know it’s a different way to shade but this result must be wrong.