Car in a tunnel

Hello gentlemen

im trying to reach some reality level with Blender Internal renderer

Anyways, at the moment im doing some tests with the environment lightening
Materials are not done yet

Suggestions are Appreciated


a Close render, Materials aren’t done yet.

You’re off to a good start! I always like images of cars traveling through tunnels. I don’t know what it is, it is just very appealing to me.

I also really like the area, in the first image, where the tunnel ends, and we see the exterior bathed in light. There is a very nice effect of increased brightness, where it looks like the exposure almost (but not quite) blows out the highlights at the edge of the frame. Is this purely render, or is is a post-process effect? Either way, I feel it adds a lot to the image. It could be something to focus more on in the final render. There is so much space devoted to the tunnel in that first image; is it too much? I feel you could cut the image into half, ignore the right half, and still have an image that feels the same.

If you were to keep the car in the same space it currently is, I can think of two possible directions to go with the shot (composition-wise). You could keep the camera in a similar position, behind the car, and focus on this idea of transitioning between spaces. From light to dark, or from the known to the unknown. You could use this effect of bright highlights to keep the outside environment very bright, so that we only have a taste of what the edge of this new space looks like, as we see in your first image. The tunnel is very familiar- it is simply a repetition of lights, of pipes, of tiles. Outside the tunnel could be anything.

Conversely, you could move the camera to be more in front of the car, and go for the more traditional image of the car driving towards the viewer. This I feel puts the focus more onto the car, and less on the surroundings. More evocative of feelings like fear (of being run over!), power, speed. Maybe include camera/object motion blur.

Of course, you’re not limited to any single view, and I enjoy seeing great works from multiple angles, so if you plan to render more than one final image, please do! And other things such as motion blur can be played around with once you’re happy with the basics.

Oh, and one more thing; I feel the brightness of the interior of the tunnel doesn’t match the brightness of the tunnel’s reflections on the car. Is this just due to your settings in BI?

thanks james

everything you said is in its place, ive done some corrections with the lightening
its really hard to get something satisfying with blender internal’s renderer

here is my test, more stuff are coming

Wow, already a very big improvement! The materials look very good, as do the headlights. Do you plan to add any sort of detail where the wall of the tunnel meets the road? It looks a little strange to have such a sharp corner. Whether you add a slight dip to allow for water runoff, or a small curb, I think it would look less unusual. Here’s an example of a curb version:

Other than that, the environment is looking very good. Is there motion blur in this shot, or are the textures a bit blurry because of resolution?

The shadows look slightly too sharp, from the main light. I like the hard shadow look, but it looks like even the shadow from the top edge of the tunnel roof is tack sharp. Have you adjusted your sunlight to be too small? (If you’re using a sun lamp as your main light).

I like the super wide matte you’ve added, it always makes everything look more cinematic (to me, anyway). Are you using the stock Blender Internal, or something more advanced? I’d heard there was someone adding global illumination functionality to it (whether it was real or pseudo-GI, I’m not sure).

Great work so far!

thank you for your fast reply, about the end of the tunnel its kinda a mistake done by me
i made a hard-shape curve

there is no Motion-blur in the scene, its kinda edited with Photoshop

the shadows are kinda wrong as you said, the sun lightening isn’t perfect at the moment, gonna fix it soon

about the blender’s internal render, yes i use the stock “Default” internal renderer

gonna apply you suggestions
and thanks again for your interest

here is the render after applying your suggestions

Wow amazing! this is the exact car I was trying to model but ended up quitting, the Mclaren mp4 12c right? my only crituques are the side barriers and road look too diffused, and the texture oon the road looks a little low res.

… UKNOW I quess that the blurred road makes for speed iris shot, and of couse the car is moving in the tunnel on certain speed

Another picture

The emblem looks a little wonky I don’t know if its the way the light is hitting or the actual material.

do you have the blender file to post? i’m not interested in the render, but in the wireframe stuff of this if you want