Car interior & general construct

How do you guys chop up your car models?

I mean tires and the main frame are porpably differend objects completely? But also Doors’n’Hoods?
How bout interiors then?
How to go about the Windowing to have it nice and smooth.
Please Pros help.

I generally put the frame in one layer, hood in another, tires (all 4) are in one layer, doors are all in one layer. Really depends on how detailed your model is. I try to keep everything related in it’s own object / layer. (Example tires rims and rotors ect/ in one layer as different objects.) The biggest thing would be to keep the basic frame as one piece with all the doors and extra crap in another layer and as other objects.

Example /

The running boards, tires, rims, doors, lights, windows, front lower bumper, radiator grill, hood, front upper fenders, review mirrors, door handles, blow off access hatch (box on roof), sun shade and frame are all separate pieces that are all floating in their own layer. Makes it much easier to edit the basic frame and interior as they are in their own layer and separate objects.

I also went to the trouble of marking the interior faces of the frame as a selection so I can tweak the width of the side walls or the door wells. Worked well with the exception my front end’s horizontal proportion totally sucked. Just make sure your blueprints / ref pics line up before you start. :frowning: