Car lighting

Hey all,
so I created a simple car to test my lighting skills.
I want to know how it is and what the tips are for lighting scenes and cars. Is it light the parts you want to highlight the most? How do you know it’s the best part to have certain colors of lights? etc

This is the infinity emerge-e concept by the way. I want to know if the lighting so I can then proceed to add materials

well al you see is reflected light, what makes the reflection, your car paint its missing here.
that paint, will cause effects, reflects, maybe have some highlights, its hard to tell for this model.

your model looks nice, make the wheels rounder, add more samples and your done.
Maybe as a reference buy a car magazine and check how photographers photograph models, to get the right angels, reflections etc…

Ahh, ok this makes sense. I’ll check up on some car magazines and google :slight_smile:

I’ve already got the car pain and background done, although I have some renderlayers problem too :confused:

samples 946
there are render layer problems I’m trying to get fixed, so don’t mind those…what about lighting, car color etc?

Myeah…what material did you use on windows? looks to flat with no reflection and this is not good.

It’s two color diffuses with a layer weight…
do you have any suggestions for window shaders?