Car lightstripes along curve

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a still render.
I want to create someting like this.

Car lightstripes. this is possible with a curve and an emission shader. But I don’t have the glow along the edge.
I tried this methode:
but not with the sadiesfied result.

is there someone who know how to.

It looks like the bloom effect in EVEE but then in cycles but then no comositing nodes

That effects is actually 2d, not 3d though.

Maybe trying some work with motion blur or fake long exposure in compositing.

Or particle:

That was a tutorial on Blender Cloud, CC BY licensed so I can share.

so is it for Eevee or Cycles? You can try with Layer Weight or Volumetric? And then use the Compositor?

Its for cycles.

I have this now . 2 curves , 1 emmesion and 2 a volumatric

Yes I would do something similar except it won’t work at certain points of view, the streak becomes invisible, and I can’t find a satisfying way through volumetrics:

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Yes know, but this is the effect i want to have.

thanks moonboots going to try if it works for me

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