Car: Lotus Super Seven

This is the second car-project i’ve started up. My first was the Shelby Cobra (in the Focused Critique).

I’m actually pretty far with the modeling. The main thing that needs attention is the interior…!

Please tell me what you think, and what to improve…!



Looks good, only the render is so dark, it’s difficult to see any details.

Same here, I think it looks good but I’m having trouble seeing as it’s so dark.

Sorry…! Ignore this post (hit submit accidentaly)
Can you delete it somehow?

Sorry about the dark images… My screen has a pretty light image… - it looks well-lit here…

Here are some clay renders, so you can see the shapes of it.


Nice model, the render needs better lighting.

Yeah the render is too grainy. Other than that it looks sweet 8)

This model rocks!

I’m wondering, however, if the convex back of the headlights should be a little deeper than theyt corrently appear to be?

I wouldn’t worry about the render quality until your tweaking your materials.