CAR... may be..

Well… it just 2 days and i am in love with Blender… :smiley:
my 1st car so hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Secret: No Engine :o )

and this community is superb… thank you guys :cool:


Is it rendered with blender internal?


You’ve been using blender for only 2 days?

The model looks clean and the render is also very nice, so I’d say you are progressing very quickly.

Looking forward to seeing more from you.

I like it.

it’s much better then my first work…

Have fun with blender!!!


thank you very much…
actually this forum and tutorials avail here are GREAT…
great resources :smiley:

well then it’s a good result if it’s rendered with the internal.
What material settings did you use?

well… i used trashadow, OC, ray mirror, ray transp…
single lamp :smiley:

played a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: