Car mechanics setup in upbge 2.5

You can use the vehicle wrapper

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Indian UPBGE gamer ? Is that you ??? :joy:

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Bro I do not know how to code, can anyone help me out with this?

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Hello bro, I need your one more help, I think you know about UPBGE eevee, I want to use it on my pc, but i cannot run it due to my old hardware, so i got a soulution that I will download the UPBGE eeveemerge7, which uses eevee in blender 2.79 UI, but when I download the files, it shows some unusual files and does it does not show the blender exe which is the UPBGE eevee in blender 2.7, can you please tell me how to get the app? Here is the link from where I download the files:

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Please elaborate, I do not know how to code, and please answer my above question of UPBGE eevee in blender 2.79

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Yes, please help me with the eevee issue

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Well , because there are files in it , then i guess you need to replace them with the files in the UPBGE file , idk … i’m not sure tho , so make a copy of UPBGE you have currently and replace the files you downloaded , might help bro ( please make a copy or have the rar file of UPBGE 0.2.5 so you don’t lose your files ) Hope i helped you !!

Any news on your YouTube channel ?

Oh thanks bro, I will definetly check out your idea and will inform you wether it works or not, thanks dude, and yes, I think you saw my latest youtube video, i.e of that car game, actually I am going to stop the development of the game for some time because the game started to lag on my pc, which is extremely low end and it cant handle that game, so after lockdown in India, i will buy a new gaming pc, and after that only I will continue the development, but thanks for asking​:grin::grin:. And yes, till then, I will be making a small 2d like 3d shooter game, and yes, tommrow I will release a small trailer of it, so stay tuned​:grin::grin:

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I’m patient , i really want to make an addon to allow users to add different setups , like fps , tps , vehicles and advanced particle systems if this is done then making a game basic with blender would take only couple of days :upside_down_face: , just think about it :thinking: you click an option you make a car , easy … but sadly i’m inexperienced in programming , and don’t know many programmers :pensive: , so this will still my dream till it’s come to life one day :face_with_monocle:

Wow bro, that idea is so much cool, but unfortunately, until we get some professional onto this stuff, its going to be a dream :sob:
But yeah, that would be cool😁

without coding it gets harder, someone else made a topic with a car mechanic without coding, tutorial included. My Car is bouncing and prone to crash Problem for him is i dont use upbge 0.3.0 xD

With coding well i can explain but you can’t code so i’m not gonna waste my time.

the files from github(source code) needs to be used to build/compile blender(.exe), how that actually works no clue, maybe @BluePrintRandom can elaborate on that.

Oh bro thanks, i will ask him for the compiling thing, thanks😁

Don’t ask him this week, their busy with BGMC, so if you could wait wait till end of weekend.

Yeah, same here😁

But do I need to do some minor settings or scrap The whole mecanic in order to make it work?

I do not know bro, mayhe we need to rewrite the whole script​:sob:. Can someone do it for us, please :pray::pray:

I answered him in his own topic.

Anyway, because you are to lazy to even use a search engine… Here you go:

now to know how it works read it from top to bottom (bottom has a working blend) and read the page i supplied in my first post.

Thanks dude, and yes sorry for being lazy😅

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Hey bri can you please tell me how to create car sounds in UPBGE?

You can’t “create car sounds” in Blender (You can import & modify sound files tho)
You can however, play sounds in Blender & one of it’s game-engines (Vanilla or UPBGE)

Logic-Bricks way is to use the Sound Actuator.
Python way is to use the AUD module.