Car model + Lightning

I’ve modeled a car, and I wanted the lights to look like real car lights. when you look from the front, it looks quiet OK to me:

but when you take al look from the ide the lights don’t look very satisfactory:

can you guys help me with this please?




I will add pictures of the model itself later.

are you using volumetric lighting, if so, it looks like your spot size, is too big, try toning it down a bit, and also try toning down the degree of ‘volumetricness’(?), try it and see?

thanks for the advice, but I decided to complete the model itself first before I’d go mess around with the lighting.

here are some pictures of the model of the car. It’s not finished yet, I have to add the axles, brakes, suspensions etc. the headlights are still hollow, and the tires don’t have any profile.

still I’d like to show you some pictures of the car and some details. Tell me what you think.

since this is the first 3D model I’ve ever made so far (exept a dumb chair and a bottle) I’d like to hear some comments!

everything seems well modeled… but my only crit is with the hub caps… they just dont fit the style of car… on a car like that i would expect to see something more like bycicle rims… and using the spin tools it should be pretty easy to make them…

keep going with this its looking good :smiley:


Are you using subsurf meshes? Some parts of the model appear to be subsurfaces, others don’t. If you’re not using it, I suggest looking into subsurf modelling.

Can I see a wire (screenshot of editwindow)? That way I can best comment.

The car model is really good. But I’m not sure about how to impreve the lamps.

here are some wires:

thanks for the comments so far!

Your wires are bit difficult to make out (screenshots in shaded view would have been better), but by the looks of it, you don’t use subsufcing, do you? You’re making it difficult on yourself if you don’t.

If you enable subsurfacing, you must know that triangles are not a good idea then. I can see triangles in the door for example. It should be easy enough to convert them to quads.