Car model: McLaren P1

Hi, this is my first post! Sorry for my English but I have been studying this language for two months :smiley: (I’m Italian, in particular from Palermo, Sicily)
Here the progress of my work! The model needs some modification… I used the Matcap to display the 3D surface!

Hmmm hard car to model acctualy but it looks good show the wires.

Like Kramon said… Very difficult car to model, but so far it’s looking more than fine to me. If you don’t mind sharing wires, please do so… :slight_smile:

You are right! Sorry :D! Here 3 wire photos! Ask me all you want!

Another little step… The surface need some “smooth” modifcation

Looks great so far. Which matcap do you prefer to use? The one you’re using at the moment or another one?
Small tip as well, you can take a viewport screenshot instead of using a full printscreen by clicking on the camera icon in the bar at the bottom. :eyebrowlift:

Thank you for the tip GrandeP! I forgot this button :smiley:
I prefer to use this Matcap because I can “emphasize” the surface’s problems!

There are some news…

and four and five…

please ask me everything :slight_smile: !

diude awesome moddelin this is one of the hardest cars to model acctualy right now.

will it be on blend swap?

You seemed to capture the curves and shape extremely well. Excellent job.

Indeed. Awesome modeling!

Thank You! I hope to upgrade soon! Then I will start the render!

Here the final and complete model!

Just awesome! A supercar :wink:

The first render… I have to modify some particular and material

The paint on P1 is very sharp and glossy :smiley: