Car model: the MCCR 11.

I have a new vehicle. My last was a Kawaski Ninja, but this is a car.
Its a convertible I designed called the MCCR 11. It needs a bit more work, but I cant get rid of the angles even with the “set smooth” button in blender. SubSurf makes the car body go a screwy :x . Anyway, here’s a link, tell me what you think so far.

the link at the bottom goes to the car. (I’d put a link to the pic itself but for some reason no one can see it but me :-? )

so…yeah. check it out.

looks good, but post a more revealing render to show the model, and make them a little lighter.

Okay…I added two more pics. one from slightly top and side, and one from behind. They’re at the same link as before, at the bottom of the page. Tell me what u think :smiley:

most of the stuff is pretty low poly. Are you making a game?
If not, try subsurfing it or adding more complexty.
And is it a work in progress or not?

of course its a work in progress. I was trying to subsurf it once, but when I do it makes jagged edges and looks like the car is crumpled up. I was wondering if theres any way to take a mesh and turn it into a NURBS…I saw a tut once that talked about turning a NURBS into a mesh…