car model

hey im modeling a car (mitsubishi eclipes)
im using the extrusing technique and got the side view but i dont understand whatv to do next.
i tried extruding the side and making it 3d but now it just doesnt look like the car in the other views any help?


i think it would be easier to extend the seperate parts i.e. the roof part (extrude it up and then across and the do it for the rest of the car so you have the 3d shape and then join the parts together by merging vertices etc.

if my explanation was a bit hard to understand or follow just pm me or ask me to put some pics up explaining it :slight_smile:

This is a great resource …

You might also find this useful …

[>] [>] thanx for your help
i have a few questions
how do i use the script and what are scripts (in your own words plz)
and isnt blenderman dead

Yeah sadly that website is getting very dated - use it while you can!! The tutorials on that page need updating but all the tutorials are useful - designed for blender or not. They will tell you how other people approach modelling a car, stages, etc. most of them map very well to blender and general subsurf modelling.

A quick google will find some of the broken links including that tut …

As for scripts …

From the web page …

Load the script in to the text editor and run using alt+p. Alternatively load the script in to a default script location and run from the script window.

From the text window file->open (strongly suspect [ctrl]+[o]) select the desired script and select [alt]+[p] to run it.

the geo
is …
Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable.
The GeoCities web site you

can some 1 teach me how to put a diff background in diff views?

The geocities website is available.

Set up the 3d view port the way you want it
Top view : F7
Bottom view : ctrl+F7
Side view : F3
Front view : F1
Back view : ctrl+F1

View -> Background Image setup as required.

Note: You will have to setup different 3D views for each background image you want. You will have to do this by having a different screen for each view,
or by spliting your window to have as many 3D views as you need and then using [ctrl]+up/down arrow to zoom in/out of the view you want to use.

also see …

thank you very much
i learned so much from you
andthanx again