Car Modeling attempt

Hello, everyone. I am trying my hand at doing some car modeling, and thought I would ask for some feedback on my mesh. I have been following Jonathon Williamson’s (and others) modeling tutorials, and thought I would put some of the concepts and practices to use. I have attached some screenshots and the blend file. If anyone would be willing to look them over and offer some advice, I would be very grateful!

JoeVeloster1.blend (1.84 MB)

I neither can’t model vehicles but I took a look at your .blend file and noticed 2 things.

  1. Put the “Mirror Modifier” over your “Subdivision Surface Modifier” in the modifier stack.
  2. It seems like you moved your basic body before activating your “Mirror Modifier” because there are two edges right next to each other in the middle of your car that should be joined.

Thanks, Spunkly! I always get the order of the modifiers mixed up.