car modeling made in Blender


one of my student asked for a car tutorial only in Blender.

Does anybody know a good one?

I was googleing it but I only find some you tube movies and
most other tuts are not Blender.


i know theres a blender art magazine thats all about cars and im pretty sure it has a tutorial in it

ah good tip !

in english on the right side:

same post in this forum:

and a funny one :

Hello (wie geht’s dem “Amerikaner”?)

A while ago I’ve worked on an concept car tutorial but lost the files because I didn’t back up my partitions before installing FreeBSD :frowning: That was an expensive lesson to learn!)

Anyway, since you’re very experienced with blender, you could simply direct your students who are into cars (as i am) towards this work flow:

  1. cursor centered, add an 8 vertex circle (in top view) switch to front view and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise

  2. extrude the vertices 0.9 bu left (negative x axis) and delete the bottom (2) vertices

  3. fill in the first two bottom faces at the rear (inner wheel cage), cut them once (vertical) select the (rear) top vertex and weld it to the one bellow which will leave the rear (inner) part with four quad faces

  4. in right view, move the mesh 4.0 bu to the right (this will be the rear wheel cage)

  5. copy the mesh (shift d) and move the copy about 7.0 bu to the left. This determines the “wheelbase” later on but is not final yet as we can change it later in the tweaking stage)

  6. connect the two meshes (join) and in top view, with all vertices selected move the mesh 3.0 bu to the right (positive x axis)

  7. mirror the mesh (Z axis) also select “Do Clipping” in the mirror modifier!!!

  8. select the front (the first ones we created at the beginning) vertices of the rear wheel and extrude them out (enlarge) a bit (about 0.1 or .2 bu will do) tweak the vertices so that the bottom two are parallel with the original ones and don’t stick down.
    NOTE! This tweaking can be avoided if the extrusions are done at the beginning (stage 2) but it depends on workflow … sometimes i do this right away, sometimes i just extrude as i go

  9. repeat step 8 again and tweak the vertices so that they from a nice ring around the inner ones

  10. repeat the same for the front wheel

  11. Now (this is a bit tricky to describe) select the front vertices … what the heck, here is a screenshot instead

  12. once the face is filled in, select the two bottom vertices from the new face we just created PLUS the vertex to the left and right so that 4 vertices are selected.
    13 in top view, extrude 0.9 bu to the left (just like the wheel cages)

  13. fill in the faces on the bottom so that there is no more opening between the wheel cages and the extrude all inner verices towards the center to close the bottom plate. Make sure that “Do Clipping” was on so that you have a nice center line

Basically from that point on, rough adjustments to the wheelbase should be made as well as in top view, play with the width of the car before going further.
From this point on it’s just cutting (as little as possible) and filling in faces avoiding the creation of triangles at any cost. Do keep the openings for the lights and grill in mind to speed up tweaking the final mesh later.

I believe “MrBomb” is the author of a face modeling tutorial for blender which would teach everything needed to finish this car and create anything one can imagine.
Of course, image references are helpful but then again, it depends if one wants to “copy” something existing or go for an original design?
This is the result of about 30 minutes of work following the above steps:

P.S. I hope you have as much fun modeling this car as i’ve had correcting my 156 typos :wink: