car modeling

I wanna try modeling a car by using a background image. I tried some, but I find them all very difficult. Does anyone have a blueprint of a simple car, so I can get familiar with this way of modeling before doing something more difficult?

Tru this. You will have to use your imagination to get some of the modeling done as there is no top view to work from. but I got reasonable results using this layout. The first car that I did was made from 45 degree views and was a nightmare, so this layout was a pleasure to work with even though it’s bot perfect. As you can see the model was never finished but I was just using it to hone my chops and was able to achieve a nice smoothe contour on a somewhat complex autobody.


please please,someone can post a step by step tutorial on how to set up blueprint for car modeling process,it’s a nightmare for me!
i used the roto script but my setup is wrong cause i don’t know how to split my blueprint with gimp or toshop.

I think you can use any good car blueprint and just make a simple version of that. And then as you practice you can add more and more as you are able.

Dems, There are tutorials on setting up a blueprint, video tutorials too. I had the same problems you seem to be having. Do a search.


There is an excellent tut on modeling a human head via vertex loops in the tutes section. That is what I mostly used for my car, but I also used a lattice deformation.

For blueprints I go to or (which requires a free membership, it’s a v bulletin forum just like this site).

For tutorials I joined It has a free membership, and at least 3 video tutorials on car modeling (several hours). The downside, they are in Max and Maya, but you can watch how they do it (and there are differences in style) and figure out how to achieve the same thing in Blender. It is a great site, with many other video tutorials as well. And maybe if enough blender people joined, they would get a blender section on their site. Hope that’s useful to you.

i apologize,someon can hlp me to split my blueprint inti gimp or toshop with a mini tutorial.
please hel me

Dems, you seem to be having too much trouble so i will tell you what i do. Instead of spilting bluprints what i do is put in the whole blueprint in the background. Example
in the front view put in the whole blueprint, then split view to side view and put in the whole blueprint use offset buttons to align. It’s lazy but it works for me. Continue doing that for any other view and you should be in business. Hope this helps. By experimenting you will find other ways to do things.


Works for me, too. The only time I use Gimp is when the image needs to be rotated to get it to line up, since Blender background images can be scaled and offset, but not rotated.

dems, just put the blueprint in the background by hand! Why spend a week learning how to use somebody else’s script when you can do it yourself in about five minutes? If the time-saving roto script isn’t saving time for you, it’s not a time-saving script any more.

bdcamp, thanks for the links. I hadn’t seen 3D palace before. :slight_smile: