Car Modelling - BMW M3 E92

I removed my original vehicle modelling series because I got sick of modeling Audi’s, but now I’ve made a new one for the BMW M3 E92. This vehicle has some tricky shapes to model especially when modelling with polygons, and is mainly aimed at beginners to intermediate modellers.

Tutorial can be found here in the form of a YouTube playlist. The series will be updated as and when I have time to record each video.

Part 3.2 is now available here. This video will be finishing off the front bumper.

Part 4 (modelling the front wing) is now available here.

I like your tutorials. You have a lot of attention for the little things. To improve it, I would however add speech and/ or speed it up something like 2x, because it gets hard to watch, when you fix a topology errors for 10 minutes. It would be slow enough so that everything doesn’t jump all over the place, and it would make your vids half as long.

Just a suggestion :wink:

Part 4.1 - Finishing off the front wing has just been uploaded.

Part 5 - Modelling of the bonnet has just gone live. :RocknRoll:

Part 5.1 - Continuation of the bonnet is available for viewing.

Part 6 now available.


Thanks for posting the tut… I`ve been looking for car tuts for Blender for a while now.

Ive got to agree with John5200 though and say the addition of speech to the tuts would be of great benefit, certainly to someone like me whos quite new to Blender and 3D modeling.

I`ll try the tut though but a relative noob like me might struggle a little without being told what to do…


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