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Update: Thank you to all the people who responded. Apologies for not making it clear initially that the position had to be solved by someone physically located in the Göteborg (Sweden) area. This position is no longer open.

LAGOM mobility s.r.o. is looking for support with the modelling, rigging and rendering (still and video) of custom designed cars.

LAGOM mobility s.r.o. is a startup company based in Prague, Czech Republic.

LAGOM mobility s.r.o. is looking for an experienced automotive modeller who can directly support the (experienced and multiple RED dot Award winning) design director by modelling his high quality drawings into sufficiently detailed 3D models.

The design director is based in Sweden (Göteborg area), so it would be beneficial if the artist is able to work in Sweden either full-time or most of the time. The detailed development of the vehicles will take place in the Prague area (Czech Republic) and the 3D models created by the artist will be used as a reference for the this work.

  • Trust: All works will be created under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and are not intended to be released to the public domain.
  • Skilled modeller: Able to quickly make high quality models (accurate dimensions) suitable for the tasks described below. Models are expected to be of the (topology) quality as shown in the CG Masters ‘Master Car Creation in Blender’ course demo.
  • It helps if the artist has professional experience with automotive design as well as a basic understanding of the terms used in automotive design, engineering and development.

LAGOM mobility s.r.o. is currently developing a new car. Blender is used for exploring the design concepts by creating an initial dimensionally correct exterior/interior surface models. This initial surface model will be used for:

  • a compliance review (e.g. checking if the design can meet the regulatory requirements through direct 3D model analysis, as well as -dimensioned- 2D projections).
  • styling review and evolution (the models must be structured so that they can be used for design evolutions and quickly assessing/comparing detail options).
  • ergonomic analysis (e.g. reachability, etc.) through rigged apertures (doors, etc.) and humanoid models (MakeHuman generated).
  • functional analysis (e.g. clash of apertures, suspension movement and resulting wheel position relative to car body)
  • aerodynamic analysis (drag, lift, cooling flow) in CFD software

LAGOM mobility s.r.o. intends to directly hire the artist or to have a long-term commitment if the artist prefers to not be employed. The remuneration will be based on what the artist can provide. Please do not contact me if you are representing an agency which can not provide a dedicated person who can work on location. It is fundamental that in order to qualify for a position, you must be legally allowed to work in the European Union and willing to relocate to Sweden or the Czech Republic.

The position will be full-time. The artist is expected to be able to model a car exterior in roughly a week; same for the interior. The 3D modelling work will take place in May 2020.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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