Car (more of a hovercraft now)

My first real attempt at a car. No plans or drawings; just started modelling in subsurf heheheh. I hope to submit this to a contest and win the $100 gift certificate prize good for the software at that site. Based on some of the other entries, I think I may have a change if I have some nice materials/render.


I BADLY need crits on this, esspecially any ideas on the back part of the car; I dont really like it.


To tell you the truth, it looks too smooth. Kinda makes it look cartoony in my opinion.

how do I make nice looking beveled edges when I have a subsurf model?

no idea on the bevel… but i agree, its too smooth…

also, theres something about the front end that looks weird… im not quite sure what it is…

nice start though…


okay heres another vehicle attempt. hovercraft thing that you ride like a motercycle…

and my attempt at a sharper render:

TINY additions:

The hoverbike looks a lot more promising than the car, but both models are very bumpy and uneven in some areas.

Keep working on the bike.

You can crease selected edges (shortcul shift+E in edit mode and target edges selected)
You also can develop your modeling technique to include close by edges that give sharper edges.

Two short tuts on that later subject :

In many cases, edges can be added in the form of loops using ctrl+R but not in every cases.

The very basics of that tool :

I too like the hovercraft better (much) : you show promise (and possibly experience with another soft :wink: ). You know : you don’t have to model in a single mesh ; it is often easier (and more accurate) to model parts to assemble later.


Thank you Mr innocent!! I will check out both those tools. About the modelling technique to add more edges near the edges, i think that would generally make this particular model a little messier…

The one peice construction thing: I dont know what it is about me and one piece construction, but I just cant help it! Originally I was going to make it look nice and futuristic by having a single flowing mesh, but I ended up adding stuff anyway…

What do you mean by other soft? other software? blender’s all I have used; all I can afford. :smiley:

Okay that’s me playing with some materials (a little early for that I know) and in the back some expiriments with the Shift+E thing. Works nicely!

thanks again


If it’s going to be floating like that you should try adding particles to make like a rocket thingy. Can’t get the word :S

sorry for the long wait but I just got photoshop CS and I’m putting it to ill use on this model but here it is anyway:

still working on it

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! I like it! What you might want to do is maybe add a dashboard, and add a cloud texture for normal to the whole bike, just to make it a little less smooth and a little more realistic…
This is gonna go really good if you ask me. Also, since it’s not in motion, leave a helmet on it, or something related to it’s use for more realism. And maybe get rid of those things in the back you were experimenting with and replace them by, say, a re-fuelling station or a shop, or anything that looks real?

yup, its still a WIP.

I’m planning on having it in motion actually, over a body of water going toward a bay coast of a futuristic city. Gonna need to model a person from behind and stuff. Shouldnt be too difficult if he has a helmet on and stuff…

The dashboard: yes definetely! It’ll be hot.

for the dashboard, make it with holograms :wink: that’ll make it even hotter!

The black paint job makes it difficult to see the nice details you’ve put on it, how about a lighter colour? Or at least some extra lighting to pick up the edges on the bike…

Wiggie: what nice details? :smiley:

Goeland: If only you had suggested this sooner! I should have thought of that… Oh well, I might still make some revisions on this:



Follow the “hovercycle” thread in the finished projects forum!

Yes the headlights suck and the bottom particle things need work but crit the model please.