Car paint, any good shader yet in cycles ?

Hello, I made a car some months now, which I rendered back then using a shader mentioned in one of cg cookie’s tutorials(kind of cool for the studio type of thing, but not realistic and the head lights are not good)… So now I decided to comeback and take a look at it, perhaps render it again using the best that the blender community came up with, but this time I’m planning on like putting it in some environment, which I’m not sure about yet…
So yeah, It would be great if someone have a good looking shader for a car paint, and that may work in this situation… And also some tips about car headlights rendering : what to put inside it, and what materials it should be composed of. There been an Opel gt I guess around and which -I think- looks good, So maybe if Its shader got shared somewhere, guide me to it… And by the way, I haven’t yet tried the OSL, will there be any benefits for using it with a car ?
An Ao pass(the only render I have ready now) is in attachments.

Isn’t this the right place to post this ?

What Tame said and you’ll find experimenting to get the results you want will be far more beneficial. It takes time but you also don’t get what others have already done.