Car Paint don't stick to object

Hello. I making a bike and have add some yellow car paint, chrome and dark metal material without any problem

I made one chain guard from a circle, but when I try to add same yellow and green car paint they don’t stick to the chain guard. Why?
AS usual my blend file ar to big so I provide you a screenshot.

Do you know why the material don’t stick to the chain guard.
Thanks in advance.

I solved the problem.
Thank you.

instead of just saying you solved the problem, say what you did to fix it, so that someone down the line who has the same problem can find a answer

Sorry. I moved the lamp and camera to other positions and glossiness disappeared on the chain guard.

Hi. May I ask you how did you change the background of the material preview window? The place with the yellow car paint…

Hello ozzzi. Sorry for late reply.
Yes, I am using a HDR light as background. World-Enviroment Image - Studio 024 HDR

Sorry. I didn’t realize that you checked the undermost option (Type of the preview render) in the preview section of the material tab.