Car paint - Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

A quick car paint project for some lockdown fun.
The model isn’t mine, though I do have to take responsibility for the materials, lighting and post processing.

I hadn’t played with car paint for a long time, and didn’t want to spend a week modelling a car, so I used a free download. The model is by Yorvin Luna Wisky and Davide Tirindelli.

I imported the model from Blender 2.82 to 2.79, and rendered with V-Ray 3.7
I didn’t change the tunnel much since it looked fine already, and I used a combination of the sun beams node and a depth pass to simulate the volumetrics at the back.

EDIT - Adding two later renders. The Tesla and Camaro car models are from the same source. I can only take credit for the materials, lighting and compositing:-


Great job man!

Did you use that tube object properties Render > visible to: camera and other options empty ? Because car has environment lighting (hemi lamp or environment node) reflections.

But you guys still have to take some of the credit. Good quality free shares are getting rarer.


Yes, that’s it.
I made the tunnel object invisible to reflections -

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Thank you Bart. Much appreciated.


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Here’s a couple more:-

Initially I intended white paint for this, but it fits better as a pale blue(which isn’t a Tesla colour)

The camaro blacked out, but in blue

The backplates are from Moofe (the first one), and Domeble.

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Thank you for credit us. It´s rare when people do it. So thank you.

PS: The Tesla render is pretty good, congratulations.