Car Paint material (nodes)

I previously did a tutorial on faking a layered car paint material. Now that we have material nodes in the upcoming 2.42, we don’t need to fake it, and have much more control. I thought I’d make a demo car paint material for the release notes using the nodes’ layering capabilities. Here I’m using pa-furijaz’s great beetle model, from the Blender Model Repository. The material is free to use under the Blender Artistic License.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

I’m really excited about trying out the nodes. For some reason I’ve been to lazy to dl the pre release versions. Can’t wait!


Update! I rendered an animation too, to show how it looks in motion: (mpeg4 600 KB) (xvid 500 KB)

Thanks for the tut, Broken, I’m trying to figure out all the nodes that you had in there for all those materials - very detailed, very professional!!
So car commercials will be done with Blender soon,right?

And I love the other Array animation too. The Nodes look sooooo much more intuitive than the material panels. I wonder how material groups(?) the ones linked to an object via the vertice groups will work? Can I have a node assigned for each vert group?

craigomatic: cheers!

David: well a node material is just a material comprised of a collection of nodes (which can include other ‘non-node’ materials as well). It’s a superset of the old material system, not necessarily a replacement. So the workflow for material indices is exactly the same, you just choose your node material from the list of available materials.

The nodes pretty much just let you blend a whole range of different things inside a material, rather than only textures. In my example, within the main node material, it’s blending some other materials as well as colours and falloff ramps.

Looks cool. :cool:
Thanks for sharing the blend file.

Very cool. Thanks a lot; I’ve never understood what the deal is with the nodes but now I’m really excited about em.

would you be interested in making a quick tut on how you set that chain up? I am just figuring out nodes but it doesn’t have to be step-by-step, just broad strokes. It’s a great material