Car/Photo compositing

Just a quick test for compositing a car onto a photo.

Original image by the University of Alberta Press: here

that camera angle is harsh when compositing; the traditional problem areas are where the model is supposed to contact the surface. There are shading issues where the tire meets the ground, as there should be some occlusion right at that tread-metts-ground area. Also in the ref pic, the sun is higher in the sky, as inferred by the shadow angle on the (salt bed?) surface.

nice car tho.

Original image by the University of Alberta Press

I was almost asking to share the floor texture… LOL

Agree with PapaSmurf. Maybe AO can fix that a little.

You need ambient occlusion.

Then look at the quality of the jpg (shown below). You need to make the car the same quality. With noise and jpg artifacts.