Car Problems >.<

I am REALLY bad at moddelling cars, so I decided, this christmas, i will make a nice looking car game. I finished the car and the wheel actions. (the actions are done using bones, one in each wheel) So i have the basic turning and the basic forward backward motions for the wheels. Here are my problems and Questions:
1.) When i press play it § the car falls to the floor like it should, then starts spinning uncontrollably. Do i just need to take off rigid body and all that good stuff? I still want the car to be able to flip over though…
2.)How do i make the camera fallow the car where when the car turns, the camera is delayed in turning… get wut i am saying? I want it so when you turn you get a glimpse of the side of the car… then the camera snaps back into fallowing the car again.
3.) the blend…
other quick questions not related to car problem:
4.)How many polys does a typical low-poly character have?
5.)what is the best way to get my mesh to deform the way I want it to at joints when i use armatures?
6.)anyone know of any good car-setting-up-tutorials for the GE that could show the previous questions i asked?

Thank you in advance!

Break out all you favorite old PC racing games ,and go to this site:

it is a modeler made just for racing games… most of them are comercial…

it is a free application, and from the tutorials you will learn how to not only make low poly cars, but you will also see what the “Pros” did to make the cars work…

Everything you learn there you can apply to the BGE and your game…

thre are some blender car modeling tutorials around, but I cant pass up on telling you about this modeler, if you are doing a racing game.

BTW, blender is a much nicer application to model cars with… I only mentioned the above because it will get you to rub elbows with some race modeling enthusiasts… it will also give you ideas on how to implement things in your game…

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Mmph! but I still need my most important questions answered: how can I fix the spinning car?

Check all the axis of all the parts, if you find some off, then unparent everything and fix them, then put them back together again.

Check where the center is, it needs to be in the center, unless you purposely moved it to someplace else.

What else causes this, hmmm, turn collision off on the ground, road, may help.

Do a search her for spinning, its been handled in some other threads too.

Post the blend. Smile. Download some of the other car games/demos here and in resources and see how they handled it.

I will find a place to upload the .blend…, its easy there…lol but after uploading, click the file and when you get to the next page, copy the download link to post here.

.blend… njoy and gud luck

Fricken A, wrong .blend… here is the right one…

Anyone here able to help me???

I can’t get the link to work, maybe you could host it somewhere else.

The last link worked for me, see where it says, ‘dont like waiting’ it just takes a couple seconds and it will say download file.

figure anything out yet itrix? :confused:

well I keep repeating myself and most people even don’t care…
You’ve a weird setup…I guess?!
Of course you could/should make experiences…
Here’s a “good” help:
Use Erwin’s vehicle template?!
Even more “easy”:
download the “cabriolet” file here and add/remove your objects:

Thanks oto, i will check out the Cabriolet.

LOL, it looks like a bug dieing. It a lot of fun to watch.

I dont use dynamics, but, I found that if you make the armature dynamic, just dynamic, then it worked fine.

Please add a camera, ok? Just center it where the car falls. You know, the car doesnt have to fall down into the scene. With a little work you can make it sit on the ground with no popping up or falling down. Think of it as a game!

OH, and I made the car just actor, nothing more… I just made it dynamic and rigid body and it worked too.

Sorry for the second post, not sure if you read the first one or not.

THANK you ititrx, i never thought about the armature settings! one more question… how can i make the ground texture have more friction? or, how can i get it so the car doesnt slide, i have allready tried lowering the Damp to 0, and the RotDamp to 0, thank you itirx

When I set up a dloc, I didnt see any sliding? I tried the force too, but didnt see the ground in my view.

Hmmm, will look at it in a bit… you can make it heavier, more mass, but becareful, it can fall through the ground.

I dont have a clue! It just flies off, lol. thats funny, I had it working once without that happening…

Ok, this is weird, now its working I dont know what I did though!

The armature is set to dynamic only, the cube is dynamic rigid, bound is box compound, and dloc is set to .21.

Try it…might work for you too, lol

updated the .blend that i got…
I want it to go off the ramp properly, but when it hits it, the car stays level… u will see if u downlaod it. I tried putting the armature to riged and then it hit the ramp, started going up, and fell though the floor. I also solved t he other proble, solution is in there…

I am so the wrong person to be helping you with this, I just dont do dynamics…lol I need to learn, but right now am procrastinating from doing my own challenge of the moment… huting down some idiot, by tracking him in the snow!

Maybe I will just call the police to do it…

Have you read thisthread?

I will look at your new file, but Id guess its over me little iti head…

what blender are you using. On 2.45, it spins and I think the ramp does too, lol. it looks like when it hits the ramp and you stop there it rotates around the front axle, or wheels…again, fun to watch…

I have no idea, nada, ziltch, its over my head, and I am very sorry.

Someone with a little time, please help here?