car proportions

Hi guys I’m a noob at modelling cars, and I just can’t seem to get the proportions right. It’s so frustrating and I’m on the verge of quiting blender just because of it. Can somebody give me a blend file that already has the proportions set up, and is preferably a Nissan 350z. Or another sports car.

:eyebrowlift2: Perhaps the blue prints help you on that:

Your best bet is to use blueprints:

You can use these as backgrounds to the relative view ports and model against it to make sure you get the proportions spot on :slight_smile:

Oops beat to it but least now you have 2 versions to use :-p

I am currently using blueprints of a nissan 350z but say for example im modeling the right fender, i get the basic shape down, but its like the vert are screwed up somehow, let me post a pic right quick.

Why not have a look, download and import some of the free Lightwave models at DMI

Thank you Skip but I don’t want premade models 'cuz it takes away from all the fun.

OK look at my dilemma
notice how in the top right corner everything is fine the mesh look ok, but in the bottom left the mesh is turned around, how do I fix this?
in the upper right it looks ok but in the bottom left its flipped backwards and all screwed up what do I do?

Rataboo, I don’t want to sound like a jerk but you seem like a difficult person to please:) In all seriousness do you have an picture of the problem you are running into when copying off of a blue print? I would guess one of us could help you though your issue. A picture really helps us understand the issue. You can also post the .blend and I will take a look to see what I can do to help. Keep in mind I am no blender expert! But I have been doing 3d off and on for 10yrs.

Go to your local dealership and have them pull up the schematics for the body of the car you are looking at.

I’m lucky enough to have a digital copy of the factory service manual for my Jeep, so modeling it goes a LOT smoother.

check out car design websites and their tutorials.

using a premade models is good when you only look at
they mesh and analyze it and than repeat the same in
your model. !!!

when you learn painting you also paint from an image
and not from your imagination !!!

That exactly why I suggested DMI

you best bet is to start a work in progress thread, I suspect your problems are related to how you set up your background pictures. Blender by default will take the width of you picture and fit it across 10 blender units the height will be scaled accordingly so watch out for that.


Are you going to post the File in here? I am sure others in this forum would like to help you with your file. Open an account with and post your work

If you want blueprints try here (Main Page)…

I know that they are 3DStudio, but I hope they’re useful never the less…:yes:

@EDIT 1: Yes I know, the link was given above…
@EDIT 2: Please ignore, I’m suffering from brain melt today…:o

Blueprints. :slight_smile: Oh, and it helps if you set them as the background, under view:background image. Some things I’ve found help modeling a car is to add a subdivision modifier, but if you do this make edge creases (shift-e, I think) to control the surface.…db6fb9a8902bda
I already use blueprints

has anyone ever read the approach to car modeling off the blender magazine. Thats what Im going by but like I said my proportions are weird.

Hey raraboo,

the Nissan 350z is one of my favorite cars (but i decided for a Toyota Celica … back then)

Now about modeling cars … I believe the fastest way of getting good at car modeling would be these steps:

  1. Find and watch the face modeling tutorial from Mr.Bomb (spelling of nick?) as it will teach you everything and then some of what you want to know about modeling cars. The techniques he demonstrates apply not only to face modeling.
  2. If you have a digital camera, shoot parked cars and build a little image reference library so that you can look up various parts and dimentions.
    Photographs of cars will also help you with creating the textures later on.

Note to myself: finish the car modeling tut!!!