car prototype

there is the sceathc I made after about 1 houre of research on the internet.

it took me around 1 hour to do it.

tell me what you think please

The front looks a bit like a Mustang or an older BMW.

Basically it is quite nice but it is too short. If we say the cutouts are about 24" (to hold 20" rims) then the whole car would be about 3 metres long/short. Not sure about the 24" though, but even if they where 30" (which should be ridiculous) the car would be only about 3,8 metres

Look here for example to get an idea of a proper length.

thanks for your fast coment

the basics are from a ford mustange and an anston martin, than I changed the shape a bit and all that.

yea I really have to work on the proportion.

do you thinkshriking the wheels will work? well I’ll try

to me it looks like a mustang with tuner stuff on it :wink:
and schdeffan is right, it’s way too short!
a rear view would be cool, 'cause i like how it looks right now

(hehe, alles deutschsprachige hier… :smiley: )

hehe thanks for the comment.

sorry to dissapoint you:D but I am swiss from the german part but i I never lived there. I lived most of my life in the french part of switzerland. and my german is really bad :frowning:

I am working on it now. I got a blueprint af a aston martin cause the wheels are close to where myin are. just smaller :smiley:

update: I made some smalll changes and made the wheels smaller

ahh french…guessed it -.-

don’t know how, but you should lower the “spoiler” a bit.
looks weird when it’s higher than the top of the car, I think…
but hey, the proportions are a lot better now! :wink:

wished I could draw, had an image of my own concept in mind, but no way to ban it on paper :confused:

Damn that thing looks like it would be nice to render… if u finish could i borrow the concept?

thanks for your advice.

it is allways like that. everything looks really cool in your mind and than you try on paper (or on computer) and it ends up crap.

when I make a car I allways get ideas from real cars, or other people’s car.

here are all the cars picture I used to get ideas:

and also this guy has some awsome cars.

I allready started modeling. I am about 1/8 of the modeling. my computer is allready sufering. I really need my new computer

well I am making it in blender.

but you are welcom to do it if you want.

this is the sketch I am using, so it is the finnal. I am not going to draw the front and the top this time. I did it for my last car but this one is too complex.

here is a picture:

very nice… how long did that take u?

Looks nice.
go on :wink:

Blend…James Blend: until now I don’t really know but I’d say 4-5 hours.

here is a small update. that’s it for today

woot, these are all made by only vectors? nice…

your modelling looks really good, but…it’s like I thought when I first saw the sketch:
the front looks defenitelylike a mustang with a tuner bodykit attached to it. (tuner = cheap…bad :wink: )

means: for me it’s not working together…you know? it’s not flowin’ :cool:

(sorry, if it sounds harsh :o )

it is ok. harsh is good.

like this I get real points of view.

I am going to continu with that because I am too fat right now. But your mind might change when it is finnished cause there will be a lot of details too add even on the front.

this is just th basics

one more update:

here is one more update.

camment and critics are welcome. be as harsh as you want.

Really nice model !
Love it :wink:

Cool.nice tyres! how to made it?
the front is look like mustang…

looks like a mix beetween a nissan skyline, bmw and a bit of dodge charger lol